Minecraft 1.4.6 - How to Use Fireworks Tutorial (Part 1 of 2)

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Well then, Minecraft 1.4.6 has been released and it has brought some rather interesting updates, including Minecraft 1.4.6 Fireworks. You can now create your own fireworks and not only that, you have quite a few customizable options.

To get Started with a very basic rocket (with no firework boom), you'll need to head over to your crafting bench and use paper, then gunpowder underneath. This will result in no explosion effect but will prompt your client to "End of Stream" on multiplayer.

To change the flight strength, you can add up to 3 strands of gunpowder along the bottom of the crafting bench, which makes the rockets go further.

To set up a basic small explosion firework, all you need is gunpowder then a randomly colored dye underneath it in the crafting table.

In Minecraft 1.4.6, Mojang also added special fireworks effects that can be applied optionally to create even more awesome fireworks. These require you to put the additional effect beside the gunpowder when creating your firework star.

To Create a Trail Firework, you need to include Diamond in the optional slot. This is a standard type of trail firework that you'd see in real life. You can use any color dye you wish to dye it a different color.

To create a Twinkle firework, you'll want to use some glowstone dust. This will create a small burst then it'll twinkle away. This does not have any stands or trails.

To create a Large Ball Firework, you'll wish to use a Fire Charge. This will be similar to the standard small charge but the diameter of the firework is twice the size.

To create a Star Shaped Firework, you'll use a Gold Nugget. This creates a 3d star-like firework in Minecraft 1.4.6. Keep in mind that to each of these special effects, you can apply a dye to change the colour.

To create the fabled Creeper-Shaped firework in Minecraft 1.4.6, all you need is to use any kind of mob/player head. This can be combined with any color dye to change the color as well.

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