Absurdly Elaborate Egg Farm - Minecraft Ideas

Turn on Annotations! A 2D model of the Egg Farm starts at 1:20. Between this and my Water Canal video, a block-by-block tutorial shouldn't be necessary.

Difficulty 5/5

0:00 Introduction
0:09 Chicken Box (AFK Egg Farm #1)
0:31 Chicken Tubes (AFK Egg Farm #2)
1:10 The Chickenator 5000 (Primary attraction)
Components of the Chickenator 5000:
1:23 Spawning Cells/Water Canals
1:35 Chicken Filter (Drop Pit)
1:44 Chicken Reservoir
1:56 The Egg Delivery System

I cover a technique for building an egg harvesting system that doesn't require you to be AFK. Some juicy tidbits:

1) The chickens tend to drown sometimes, but they are quickly replaced.

2) For best results, make sure there are NO creatures in the surrounding area. That's why I built in a desert. An ocean works fine too. (EDIT: Nevermind. Squids.)

3) The machine takes about 20 minutes to warm up and get a decent amount of chickens in the reservoir.

4) The chickens in the reservoir despawn if you go too far away, but that's the beauty of the machine- They respawn and go back to the reservoir with no additional effort.

The reason I built this above my home is because I already spend a lot of time there, so it's the most practical place for it to warm up and start spewing out eggs.

The song can by following the link on this page:

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